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13 ounce Vinyl Banner – This is our most popular banner, it can be used indoors or outdoors.

16 ounce Blockout vinyl Banner – This is a stronger alternative to the standard 13 ounce banner, with it’s block out layer in the center, it is the best choice for
double sided pole banners, boulevard banners, and over the road banners. Banners over 38” wide are printed on 20 ounce block out.

12 ounce Smooth Blockout Vinyl Banner – Primarily used indoors where a smooth finish is desired. This banner can be printed single or double sided. Banners
over 48” wide are printed on 15 ounce smooth banner.

9 ounce Mesh Banner – This is used when the banner will be subjected to high winds, typically used for construction fences, building wraps, outdoor stage backdrops, and
oversize wall banners.

15 ounce Backlit Banner – Used for lighted sign cabinets, this banner is printed on the front, and in reverse on the back side to insure the image is not washed out when the sign
is lit at night. It is recommended that a liquid clear coat is applied to the front for maximum outdoor life.

BioFlex Biodegradable Banner – An extremely strong, smooth 13 ounce scrimless banner that is biodegradable in landfill conditions.

**Any hemming, trimming, hemming with webbing, and additional grommets (other than standard) are additional. **


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